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London struck by Lightning II

Lockheed Martin has brought its F-35 promotion team and simulator to London town, which gave me the chance to “fly” the aircraft in its B and C variants and talk about the Lightning II with one of its senior programme officials. I last got to try out the F-35 using this device at Lockheed’s Fort […]

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VIDEO: Probationary F-35B ends vertical landing hiatus

On the same day that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates placed the F-35B on a two-year — and apparently rhetorical — probation, a flight test aircraft did something that hadn’t been done since Augus: It landed vertically. The BF-2 model completed the first vertical landing on 6 January after reliability problems with hinge doors shut […]

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UK gets Skybolt revenge

While I was covering the NBAA convention in Atlanta last week — amongst other travels — my colleague Craig Hoyle in London covered the results of the UK strategic defence and security review, which you can read here.In case you’ve been living on another planet (or, ahem, at NBAA), the big news is UK government’s […]

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VIDEO: History of the F-35 by Skunk Works inventor (3 parts)

The DEW Line is pleased to offer a three-part video showing a fascinating (albeit poorly-lit), 1hr lecture on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, presented last week by Skunk Works engineer Paul Bevilaqua at Johns Hopkins University’s applied physics laboratory in Laurel, Maryland.  Bevilaqua is credited with the invention of Lockheed Martin’s shaft-driven lift-fan, the core […]

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PHOTO: F-35B engages clutch

I’m taking a break from my quick holiday to post another new photo released by Lockheed Martin. It shows the BF-1 flight test aircraft engaging the lift fan propulsion system for the first time. (Click on the image to download the high-resolution file.) Photo: Andy Wolfe/Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin released the statement below: The Lockheed […]

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VIDEO: Another delay for F-35 vertical landing test?

The timing of the first vertical landing for the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter seems to defy schedules even more than its lift fan defies gravity.Gen James Conway, commandant of the US Marine Corps and the F-35B’s biggest customer, let slip yesterday that the jump-jet’s critical first vertical landing event could happen as late as June, […]

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VIDEO: KC-130 refuels F-35B prototype

Lockheed Martin has released a nice video showing a KC-130 probe-and-drogue refueling the second F-35B short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) prototype named BF-2. The refueling tests are essential before BF-1 can be flown to Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland, from Fort Worth, Texas. BF-1 is still scheduled to complete the first vertical landing […]

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HEINZ TRANSCRIPT (part 1): F-35 chief explains BF-1 software glitch

I’m posting the transcript of yesterday’s press conference with Brig Gen David Heinz, the new head of the F-35 program. I’m breaking it up by issue. This part talks about a software glitch that arose during hover pit testing in April on BF-1, the first short-takeoff-and-vertical-landing prototype. Click on the jump to read this part […]

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Must-see: F-35′s BF-1 in test stall

An anonymous YouTuber posted this video three days ago. It has to be less than a week old.

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