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Why is STUAS/Tier II so hard?

The Ides of March is past. The end of the month approaches. On the Department of Defense’s fiscal calendar, the third quarter starts in only a week. That means we’re one week away from another mysterious delay on the US Navy’s schedule to award a small tactical unmanned aircraft system (STUAS)/Tier II contract. In December, […]

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AUVSI: AAI goes public with STUAS rumors

The motto of the flying demonstrations last month for the STUAS/Tier 2 contract bidders seemed to be: What happened in Yuma stays in Yuma. We don’t know what happened when the four bidders for the US Navy and Marine Corps contract traveled to the Arizona UAV range to show that their aircraft actually does what […]

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Aerosonde reveals STUAS surprise

Aerosonde today announced the first flight of the Mark 5 variant of its eponymous unmanned aerial vehicle — surprising, considering we weren’t aware such an aircraft existed, much less has already flown.The Mark 5 is AAI/Aerosonde’s surprise new candidate for the small tactical unmanned aircraft system (STUAS)/Tier II contract, a pending US Navy/US Marine Corps […]

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Progress on next major UAV contract

Looks like the long-awaited competition is about to start for the small tactical UAS (STUAS)/Tier II contract. (Just as the USMC was ready to get started back in August 2007, the USN decided to get involved and delayed the program.)A new acquisition notice says a draft RFP is coming (no timetable given), and it will […]

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A STUAS/Tier II RFP as a stocking-stuffer?

While we wait for the CSAR-X solicitation process to move forward, here’s an update on the much-anticipated (read: extremely delayed) STUAS/Tier II competition from Michel Merluzeau’s G2 Solutions blog. Industry sources are hopeful that the Department of the Navycould solidify its Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System/Tier IIUnmanned Aircraft System (STUAS/Tier II UAS) program by Christmas. […]

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STUAS/Tier II: What a real competition looks like

Twenty-five years ago, the US Air Force wanted to design a new aircraft called the “advanced tactical fighter”. No fewer than seven companies — Boeing, General Dynamics, Grumman, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, Northrop and Rockwell — answered the USAF’s initial call for bids with serious proposals. (Rockwell’s rejected concept for what became the F-22 is pictured […]

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