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Gone fishing in Norway

Norway’s surprise decision last week to support the Lockheed Martin F-35 was based largely on an analysis by the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment. Among other things, its computer simulations found the F-35 superior to the Gripen NG in dogfights against the SU-30.  So I called Oslo this morning to ask for an interview with the […]

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A November revolution at MiG/Sukhoi

Multiple Russian sources are reporting an earth-rattling shake-up at the top leadership ranks of legendary aerospace powerhouses MiG and Sukhoi. Sukhoi General Director Mikhail Pogosyan will get the top job also at deeply indebted MiG, Vladimir Karnozov reports at Flight. Karnozov told me later that Pogosyan was seen on MiG’s premesis on Thursday chairing a […]

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