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Is the ‘Super Talon’ Northrop Grumman’s next surprise?

Northrop Grumman’s advanced development team has been busy lately. The last two years has yielded the revelations of MUVR, Wild Thing, MQ-X and, most recently, Firebird. Now, another secret concept may have leaked outside Northrop’s version of Skunk Works. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Northrop has applied to register the rights to […]

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Previewing T-X: The biggest USAF contract nobody is talking about

[As promised, here's the link: US Air Force, industry prepare for T-38 replacement)I’m amazed that the unfolding T-X contract battle, which I’m previewing in this week’s magazine (I’ll add the link after the story is posted online), isn’t one of the biggest news stories in military aviation today. It’s a story that has it all. […]

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JUNKET: M346 news – and fly-bys – in Venegono on Day 2

An AleniaAermacchi test pilot provides a quick tour of the M346 hangar, where you can see all three of the jet trainers currently in existence. (Video by Stephen Trimble) ROME — Day 2 of the Alenia and Aermacchi press tour began in Venegono, near Milan, and ended in Rome. Venegono is where AleniaAermacchi designs, builds […]

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YouTube clip purports F-22 shootdown by T-38 [UPDATE: ENGAGEMENT CONFIRMED]

[UPDATE: The successful T-38 kill occurred within the last three months at Holloman AFB, NM, says Lt Col Lloyd Addison, chief of the USAF's T-38 sustainment office. That means the aircraft is from the same black-painted T-38 unit that escorted F-117s before they were retired. Now, the Holloman T-38's provide proficiency training for F-22 pilots, […]

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Six years later, the Iraqi Air Force re-arms

The Iraqi Air Force has operated since 2003 with a motley mix of small aircraft, but nary a bullet, bomb or missile. According to the latest quarterly report released today by the US military, that situation may have already changed.The IqAF re-acquires the ability to strike targets on the ground in “early 2009″ with the […]

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