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Russia’s T-50 fighter stretches its legs

Almost two years and more than 200 flights into its test programme, Russia’s PAK-FA/T-50 fifth-generation fighter has made its first “long-distance” sortie. Completed on 17 January using Sukhoi’s fourth prototype, the multi-legged flight between the Komsomolsk-on-Amur production plant and the Zhukovsky military test centre near Moscow covered a cool 3,400nm (6,300km). Piloted by Sergey Bogdan, […]

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Northern Exposure for L-15?

Canadian industry is eyeing the nation’s long-term need to train its military pilots, and thinking outside the box as part of the process – particularly with the Lockheed Martin F-35 in mind. Like Chinese out of the box (read on). Two long-term partnered training systems are already in place: the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) […]

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F-15E somehow steals Moscow air show from PAK-FA [UPDATED!]

UPDATE: Crisis averted! I am reliably informed the T-50 prototype will make an appearance at the MAKS air show in August. The aircraft has been noticed in advertisements for MAKS under the slogan “every time a premier”, implying the T-50 will be this year’s star attraction. Photo of F-15E courtesy of US Air Force. Huh? […]

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Italian M346 becomes American T-100

Alenia North America is quietly previewing a new marketing blitz to bolster the M346 Master’s bid to replace the Northrop T-38 Talon as the US Air Force’s next advanced jet trainer.The online campaign, rolled out on Alenia NA’s web site earlier this week, rebrands the Italian M346 as the “T-100 integrated training system (ITS)“.Although EADS […]

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Sukhoi reveals T-50 cockpit layout and (maybe) static airframe

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit yesterday at Sukhoi’s offices has yielded some excellent footage of the T-50 cockpit and what appears to be a static airframe.All photos and videos were posted earlier today at DefenceNet, a Russian-language web site. By the way, if you can read Cyrillic, please help me translate.The cockpit shows two side-by-side, […]

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Sources: Boeing plays new airframe card for T-X

Does the US Air Force want to buy an all-new jet to replace the ubiquitous Northrop T-38C, or will it settle for an off-the-shelf option? Will the USAF be pressured to favor an all-US system, or will it be allowed to buy an aircraft with substantial foreign content?How the USAF answers those questions could make […]

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Start saying good-bye to the T-38C Talon

Has it been 50 years already?The US Air Force revealed yesterday it wants to replace the venerable Northrop T-38C Talon by 2017 with a new “family” of jet and simulator systems that can do five things: sustained high-g maneuvers, air-to-air intercepts, data-link operations, night vision imaging and air refueling. The USAF listed its performance requirements […]

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Random 5: Paris Air Show Day 1

So many briefings, interviews and exhibits, so little time. Completely absorbing the fire hose of data coming at you every day is sometimes a futile struggle. I’ve filed about eight news stories today for the Flight Daily News, but only scratched the surface of my notebook. Here’s a few random bits from today’s news. (I […]

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Russian industry looks beyond PAK-FA

Russia’s answer to the Lockheed Martin F-22 — the Sukhoi T-50 prototype — isn’t expected to fly for several months. Conceived under the optimistically-named Promising Aircraft System for Tactical Aviation, or PAK-FA, program, the T-50 will reportedly pack F-22-like stealth, speed and advanced avionics into a similarly F-22-like large airframe. PAK-FA was understood to be […]

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