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Could Gripen spawn USAF trainer?

We’re having to cope with something of an autumnal show spike here on The DEW Line, with Dave Majumdar currently at the AFA event in Washington DC and myself having covered the DSEi exhibition in London last week; hence the recent productivity drop on the blog. As expected, the US Air Force’s long-anticipated T-X trainer […]

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VIDEO: RAF puts Hawk T2 through its paces

Thanks to the good folks at the Royal Air Force’s 4 Sqn for putting together a punchy video showing their Hawk T2 advanced jet trainer in action. There’s some nice footage of the aircraft being put through its paces from the unit’s Valley home on Anglesey in locations including the nearby Pembrey Range and in […]

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PHOTOS: Fighter, bomber & trainer concepts unveiled at AFA

No one in the US Air Force is publicly talking about replacing the relatively youthful Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor. Neither is there any public commitment by the USAF’s leadership to immediately replace the relatively aging Northrop T-38C Talon.But those facts haven’t stopped some of the defence industry’s most creative contractors from showing off new concept […]

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Inside Boeing’s defence headquarters

A-12 Avenger, the aborted McDonnell Douglas/General Dynamics product and scourge of the legal system, sits on display inside the Prologue Room of Boeing’s defence headquarters in St. Louis. As you may have gathered, yesterday’s stop on the Boeing pre-Paris Air Show media tour was the home of an aerospace company once owned by James S. […]

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Is the ‘Super Talon’ Northrop Grumman’s next surprise?

Northrop Grumman’s advanced development team has been busy lately. The last two years has yielded the revelations of MUVR, Wild Thing, MQ-X and, most recently, Firebird. Now, another secret concept may have leaked outside Northrop’s version of Skunk Works. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Northrop has applied to register the rights to […]

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Previewing T-X: The biggest USAF contract nobody is talking about

[As promised, here's the link: US Air Force, industry prepare for T-38 replacement)I’m amazed that the unfolding T-X contract battle, which I’m previewing in this week’s magazine (I’ll add the link after the story is posted online), isn’t one of the biggest news stories in military aviation today. It’s a story that has it all. […]

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Sources: Boeing plays new airframe card for T-X

Does the US Air Force want to buy an all-new jet to replace the ubiquitous Northrop T-38C, or will it settle for an off-the-shelf option? Will the USAF be pressured to favor an all-US system, or will it be allowed to buy an aircraft with substantial foreign content?How the USAF answers those questions could make […]

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JUNKET: M346 news – and fly-bys – in Venegono on Day 2

An AleniaAermacchi test pilot provides a quick tour of the M346 hangar, where you can see all three of the jet trainers currently in existence. (Video by Stephen Trimble) ROME — Day 2 of the Alenia and Aermacchi press tour began in Venegono, near Milan, and ended in Rome. Venegono is where AleniaAermacchi designs, builds […]

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JUNKET: The DEW Line goes on Italian aerospace tour

AleniaAermacchi is hosting a press tour this week in Italy. As you can see above, the itinerary includes stops in Turin, near Milan, Rome and Naples. Your humble correspondent gratefully accepted the invitation. (It’s, um, a difficult assignment — cough-cough — but I’m a professional journalist and blogger; I’ll do my best to make it […]

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Start saying good-bye to the T-38C Talon

Has it been 50 years already?The US Air Force revealed yesterday it wants to replace the venerable Northrop T-38C Talon by 2017 with a new “family” of jet and simulator systems that can do five things: sustained high-g maneuvers, air-to-air intercepts, data-link operations, night vision imaging and air refueling. The USAF listed its performance requirements […]

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