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Turkish fighter concept breaks cover

We’ve seen some exciting news from the IDEF show in Istanbul this week, where Turkish Aerospace Industries has revealed imagery showing three potential designs for the nation’s TFX future fighter. Two are single-engined concepts – with and without canards, while the best-looking (to my mind, at least) is the twin-engined beast pictured below. Keen-eyed DEW […]

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#DXB11: Turkey starts next generation fighter

Turkey wants to build a next generation fighter, too.The Ministry of Defense awarded a contract to Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) in August to complete an 18-month feasibility study on producing a new fighter and trainer called TFX after 2023.In the crush of Dubai Air Show events, we managed to arrange a roughly 5-minute long interview […]

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Robert McNamara, TFX & the Total Procurement Package

The words “TFX” and “TPP” still raise chills in defense board rooms nearly 50 years after they were invented. And, for better or worse, both terms — landmark policy failures of military acquisition — will be associated with Robert McNamara, who died earlier this morning. The failures of Tactical Fighter Experimental, or TFX, set back […]

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