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A bad day at the office: U-2-style

Every once in a while, a copy of the US Air Combat Command’s “Combat Edge” flight safety magazine lands on my desk; today was that day this quarter. Following on after items about F-4 ops in Vietnam, helicopter maintainers and bird-scarers, the “awards of distinction” section caught my attention with an entry about US Air Force U-2 Dragon […]

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Avtobaza: Iran’s weapon in alleged RQ-170 affair?

Could this be the smoking electron in the alleged unmanned air vehicle (UAV) incident over Iran? The original reports that Iran “shot down” a Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel appear to be misleading. Iranian news agency reports credited the army’s electronic warfare unit with bringing down the UAV, but apparently in a way that limited the […]

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Happy Birthday U-2

The Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady today celebrates the 55th anniversary of its official first flight. History buffs will recall of course that the U-2′s first real flight occurred three days earlier, but it was an accident. Lockheed test pilot Tony LeVier inadvertently lifted the U-2 prototype off the ground during a ground taxi test, a […]

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Report: Shrinking USAF fighter fleet gets even smaller? [Updated]

Big news this morning from InsideDefense.com. EXCLUSIVE: Air Force Plans Massive, Early F-15, F-16 Retirements to Save $3.4 Billion DefenseAlert, Oct. 14, 2008 — The Air Force is planningdramatic cuts to its fighter force in fiscal year 2010 in an attempt tofind $3.4 billion to bolster other combat aircraft, munitionsinventories, ISR and manpower efforts, InsideDefense.com […]

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