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mq-9 seychelles mystery sensor.jpg

AFRICOM photo shows mystery Reaper payload in Seychelles

Source: AFRICOM Spotters: I challenge you. US Africa Command yesterday released the photo above of the MQ-9 Reaper returning to its new Seychelles base after an anti-piracy mission on November 4. The photo shows a payload under the wing that I am unable to identify. I believe it is a signals intelligence sensor of some […]

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VIDEO: Meet KAI’s UAV line-up

Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) made a big splash at the Seoul Air Show a couple of weeks ago, showing off an Avenger-like unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV). KAI also released a video that introduces several new design concepts for unmanned air vehicles.

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Predator/Reaper chaos and Creech power outages

So I’m reading Esquire’s new thumb-sucker of a feature article with the typical — and increasingly mandatory — “UAVs are changing war as we know it” angle, and my eyes stumble on this gem of a paragraph. Can somebody put some MILCON in the next budget for a few spare power generators at Creech AFB, […]

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AUVSI: Boeing steps up lobbying pressure for A160 earmark

Boeing has launched a “full-court press” on Congress members to earmark funds in the Fiscal 2010 defense budget to help the A160 Hummingbird program survive a pivotal transition period.Despite strong interest for the A160 from the US special forces, army, marines and navy, Boeing’s commitment to continue investing in the program without a production contract […]

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AUVSI: Boeing displays vision for MQ-9 Reaper replacement

WEBSTER FIELD — Boeing kindly rendered a reconnaissance by this reporter to a sweltering southern-Maryland swamp — er, UAV demonstration area — worthwhile by offering this peak at their strategy for the US Air Force’s MQ-X contract. I expect to hear more tomorrow about Boeing’s plans for this MQ-9 replacement concept at the AUVSI convention. […]

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US Air Force looks beyond the Reaper

The General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc MQ-9 Reaper will rule the US Air Force fleet of medium-altitude unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) through the middle of the next decade. The USAF’s newly-released UAS flight flight plan shows the Reaper’s capability will steadily expand with the arrival of new payloads, such as the Gorgon Stare sensor in […]

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Israel’s Heron UAV makes surprise re-appearance in US colors

So I get an email today from one of my co-workers. It’s a link to a YouTube video with a question: “Is this news for us?” Well, Rob, I think so. US Southern Command has posted an extremely intriguing video of a project in El Salvador involving an Israeli Aircraft Industries Heron unmanned aerial vehicle […]

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PHOTO: Mystery UCAV over Afghanistan [PHOTO REMOVED: SEE 15 MAY UPDATE]

France’s Air & Cosmos magazine has published this photo of a mystery unmanned combat air vehicle flying over Kandahar in 2007. The magazine kindly provided the photo to The DEW Line for posting here. Interestingly, Air & Cosmos has owned this picture for two years. It was printed for the first time last month after […]

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The KillerBee/Bat UAV story in one sentence

Here goes: Raytheon told me yesterday the company will continue to develop its version of the KillerBee unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) whose design was acquired and renamed Bat by Northrop Grumman on Monday, which occurred two years after Northrop severed its relationship with KillerBee-maker Swift Engineering, which then partnered with Raytheon to offer the KillerBee […]

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Mystery UCAV spotted in Afghanistan?

Source: Shephard.co.uk Darren Lake, of Shephard’s Unmanned Vehicles magazine, reported yesterday that he has obtained a photo showing a mysterious new aircraft operating in Afghanistan. The UV staff published an artist’s drawing of the photo (above). Mystery UAV operating in Afghanistan By Darren Lake… Amongst the distinctive features of the type is the ‘fat’ wingchord, […]

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