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Finally … Honeywell names the MAV

This is a rule: If you build an aircraft, you have a solemn duty to give it a cool name.For several years, Honeywell has disobeyed this rule, producing a ducted-fan unmanned aircraft named, drearily, the Micro Air Vehicle (MAV). [Insert wrong answer buzzer sound here.] Sorry, that’s not a name. That’s a category.Honeywell today has […]

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Underwater sub’s trash tube can also launch UAVs

Raytheon announced today that they will demonstrate launching a UAV from an underwater submarine. When I called the company to ask, “How?”, they sent me this very helpful graphic. The full explanation is on the jump, but basically the UAV goes out the trash tube in a canister, floats to the surface and launches. The […]

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A STUAS/Tier II RFP as a stocking-stuffer?

While we wait for the CSAR-X solicitation process to move forward, here’s an update on the much-anticipated (read: extremely delayed) STUAS/Tier II competition from Michel Merluzeau’s G2 Solutions blog. Industry sources are hopeful that the Department of the Navycould solidify its Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System/Tier IIUnmanned Aircraft System (STUAS/Tier II UAS) program by Christmas. […]

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Navy unveils first official glimpse of FA-XX strategy

My colleague Rob Coppinger (see Hyperbola) attended last week’s AUVSI North America show in San Diego, and kindly forwarded me these pictures. The slides show the USN’s strategy on the only recently emerging F/A-XX competition, which appears to pit the Northrop Grumman X-47 against a future aircraft vaguely resembling a blend between the Lockheed Martin […]

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STUAS/Tier II: What a real competition looks like

Twenty-five years ago, the US Air Force wanted to design a new aircraft called the “advanced tactical fighter”. No fewer than seven companies — Boeing, General Dynamics, Grumman, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, Northrop and Rockwell — answered the USAF’s initial call for bids with serious proposals. (Rockwell’s rejected concept for what became the F-22 is pictured […]

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