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UH-1N in Alaska source US Air Force.jpg

Can USAF break ‘helo hex’ with CVLSP

Photo by US Air Force The past decade has not been kind to all-new military helicopter programs. I can only think of one — the unarmed, civil-certified UH-72 Lakota — that has turned out okay. But the ARH-70, VH-71 and CSAR programs blew up after barely getting started. The H-1 upgrades program lives on, thanks […]

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#DXB09: Lebanon Air Force re-invents UH-1 Huey as bomber

DUBAI — Lebanon‘sair force officials on Saturday revealed making a desperate modification to aBell Helicopter UH-1 Huey to drop bombs amidst a bloody war against abarricaded terrorist haven in 2007. The Lebanese military resorted to the “Huey bomber” ideaafter a failed attempt to restore Hawker Hunter jets to flying status. Lebanon‘s Hunters have been parked […]

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