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Israel’s Heron UAV makes surprise re-appearance in US colors

So I get an email today from one of my co-workers. It’s a link to a YouTube video with a question: “Is this news for us?” Well, Rob, I think so. US Southern Command has posted an extremely intriguing video of a project in El Salvador involving an Israeli Aircraft Industries Heron unmanned aerial vehicle […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Predator C makes first flight

At the end of my interview yesterday with Thomas Cassidy, president of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI), I asked about what was happening with the Predator C, the jet-powered and reportedly stealthy successor to the Predator/Reaper family. “It flew last weekend,” he said. GA-ASI has been internally developing the Predator C since 2005,keeping its performance, […]

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VIDEO: Saab’s unmanned helicopter

Looks like Saab is continuing to promote and demonstrate the Skeldar V-150 unmanned helicopter, a heavily modified CybAero design, despite abandoning efforts earlier this year to sell the aircraft to United Nations peacekeepers in Chad. Here’s a video now available on YouTube, showing a very recent flight demonstration.

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Finally! A UAV that flies, walks and crawls

Allow me to introduce the Morphing Micro Air-Land Vehicle. It’s like the Optimus Prime of UAVs. Cleveland-based BioRobots invented this machine to fulfill a very complex mission. According to a new paper, the 16-in wingspan vehicle can fly from a takeoff point to a target area (e.g.a building), land stealthily within a target area (e.g. […]

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Progress on next major UAV contract

Looks like the long-awaited competition is about to start for the small tactical UAS (STUAS)/Tier II contract. (Just as the USMC was ready to get started back in August 2007, the USN decided to get involved and delayed the program.)A new acquisition notice says a draft RFP is coming (no timetable given), and it will […]

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