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Camp Bastion attack shocks ISAF

Apologies for us having gone a bit quiet on The DEW line so far this week – Dave Majumdar is on the road covering the Africa Aerospace & Defence show in South Africa, with limited comms, while I’ve been maxed out with Flight International print deadlines following my return from the ILA Berlin air show. […]

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US Marine Corps finally divulges F-35B order count

It seems the most closely guarded secret in the F-35 program has been, strangely enough, the order breakdown between the US Navy and US Marine Corps. The combined purchase is 680 aircraft. But the order split between the USMC’s F-35B and the USN’s F-35C has remained a mystery. I’ve heard suggestions of a roughly 50/50 […]

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Marine Corps Aviation’s hard, ambitious road ahead

The excellent Worldwide War Pigs blog today forecasts the challenges awaiting the US Marine Corps’ scheduled entry-into-service for the F-35B in 2012, or up to two years before Lockheed Martin has finished testing it. With such an early IOC and SDD still in progress, this means that therewill be a lot of “mistake jets”. Where […]

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