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FY10 Budget: 13 fewer Super Hornets, 2 more Growlers

The Pentagon announced 31 F/A-18s were inserted in the FY10 budget, but this disguised major changes in the procurement profile for both F/A-18E/F Super Hornets and EA-18G Growlers.The FY10 proposal includes eight F/A-18Es, one F/A-18F and 22 EA-18Gs, for a total of 31. That compares to the USN’s baseline plan to buy a total of […]

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Breaking: Global Hawk cleared for BAMS contract

The US Government Accountability Office denied the Lockheed Martin protest on the contract award for the US Navy Broad Area Maritime Surveillance program.Lockheed received word of the GAO’s denial late on Friday, and has just issued this statement. “Lockheed Martin is disappointed in the outcome of the Government Accountability Office’s recommendation to support the original […]

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Business Week investigates earmarks, slaps US Navy’s wrist

Today’s Business Week features an investigation on Congressional earmarks, finding that (shock number 1) defense companies dominate the list of corporate recipients and (shock number 2) the navy used earmarks to buy a posh G550 to shuttle around the Chief of Naval Operations and the Secretary of the Navy. I applaud the magazine for shedding […]

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The X-45N is dead; Long live the X-45!

Lots of angst has been spilled this week on the pages of the trade and mainstream press over the sad fate of the Boeing X-45N. This navalized variant certainly suffered a blow by losing the US Navy’s UCAS-D contract to its longtime rival — the Northrop Grumman X-47B. But don’t fret. Multi-billion dollar military technology […]

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Target Spotting: US Navy

The US Navy is seeking to develop a new target vehicle described as “supersonic” and “multi-stage”. You can read the solicitation here. I have not been previoulsy aware of a specific need in the navy for such a target. It’s possible that this is part of the navy’s Threat D program, which seeks to do […]

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