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CSAR: John Young asks “why?”

Pentagon acquisition chief John Young really got on a roll last week. In addition to attacking the costs and reliability of the US Air Force’s prized F-22, Young also questioned the fundamental need for combat search and rescue helicopters. Of course, you might like to think that these kinds of doubts could be sorted out […]

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Obama’s blank slate on defense budgets

What will a President Barack Obama do with about $2.8 trillion projected to be spent on US defense budgets over the next four years? The Council on Foreign Relations breaks it down today. “No other military in the world has fielded a viable match for the lastgeneration of U.S. combat aircraft, undercutting Air Force argumentsabout […]

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Obama in 2007: F-22, V-22 don’t work

I’m researching an article on the F-22′s future in the next administration. President-elect Barack Obama has been careful not to show his hand on specific issues throughout the campaign, but his national security team will be faced with several immediate acquisition decisions when they take office on 21 January.Here’s the only direct statement I can […]

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Boeing patents design for simpler, better version of V-22

My biggest problem with Time’s crap cover story on the V-22 is that it gives reasoned criticism of the Bell-Boeing tiltrotor a bad name. To best view the V-22′s shortcomings as a hybrid helicopter-airplane, it helps to look at an aircraft design that may do vertical and short takeoff and landing manuevers better. Thankfully, Boeing […]

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