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Maybe the VH-3D isn’t so bad

President Barack Obama kidded yesterday that he didn’t realize he was so deprived by the VH-3D that he needed a new helicopter. It was a great line. Even presidential rival Senator John McCain laughed heartily. But was Obama’s comment, in fact, untrue? Is he deprived by his executive helicopter?The first Sikorsky VH-3D was delivered in […]

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CBS News sparks VH-71 feeding frenzy

The Pentagon first disclosed a roughly 65% cost overrun for the VH-71 program nearly a year ago, and officially notified Congress of the Nunn-McCurdy breach last month.So why was it such a big news story today?Thank CBS Evening News. It’s story last night seemed to open a floodgate of reporting today.Here’s the current program status: […]

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