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My apologies to The Washington Post

R. Jeffery Jeffrey Smith’s sources might have been correct. The F-22 that crashed on March 25 could have been practicing an air-to-ground mission, as Smith reported. My blog on August 1 scolding Smith for a seemingly obvious factual error might itself be wrong. Of course, it wasn’t public knowledge until yesterday that Raytheon has converted […]

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Washington Post reveals F-22 crash mystery

R. Jeffrey Smith writes today in The Washington Post that the F-22 “has major shortcomings”. The US Air Force says the F-22 costs $44,259 to fly one hour, compared to $30,818 for the F-15. An unnamed “critic” in the Department of Defense calls the F-22′s maintenance problems a “disgrace”. The reporter connects Darrol Olsen’s allegations […]

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