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VIDEO: Northrop Grumman flies clean X-47B

It took nearly eight months from first flight, but Northrop Grumman has retracted the landing gear of the X-47B in flight. Then it took another month for them to post the video, but at least it’s worth the wait.  The cruise flight test is a critical step on the path to achieving the ultimate goal […]

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VIDEO: Super Hornet narrowly avoids carrier deck calamity

At precisely 16:14 local time somewhere at sea on 25 September, two flight deck crew members decided to cross an active runway. It was precisely at that moment a Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet came in to land. With the aircraft nose tilted upward, the pilot appears to have no way of seeing these two flight […]

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VIDEO: US Navy’s first stealth UAV soars

Click here to read the news story at Flightglobal.com. [Update: Here's a 15-minute snippet of the press conference on 5 February with Northrop Grumman and Navy officials. The model is actually an X-47 model from the defunct joint unmanned combat air systems (J-UCAS) program. The speakers on the call include Capt. Jaime Engdahl, Navy UCAS-D […]

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AUVSI: USN, USAF may revive UCAV partnership 3 years after J-UCAS

DARPA’s joint unmanned combat air systems (J-UCAS), with the Boeing X-45 for the US Air Force and the Northrop Grumman X-47B for the US Navy, died in 2005. The USAF kept the program on life support for one year, but the USN split off to launch a carrier-landing demonstration program (UCAS-D), eventually re-selecting the X-47B […]

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A new job for the UCAS-D

I might be wrong here, but I think the US Navy may have just expanded the scope of the Unmanned Combat Air Systems – Demonstration (UCAS-D) program. My understanding was that the Northrop Grumman X-47 was on contract solely to demonstrate carrier-based operations by 2013. The X-47′s design would be capable of performing autonomous aerial […]

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Navy unveils first official glimpse of FA-XX strategy

My colleague Rob Coppinger (see Hyperbola) attended last week’s AUVSI North America show in San Diego, and kindly forwarded me these pictures. The slides show the USN’s strategy on the only recently emerging F/A-XX competition, which appears to pit the Northrop Grumman X-47 against a future aircraft vaguely resembling a blend between the Lockheed Martin […]

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What the heck do I know?

Even though some dumb jerk recently predicted a Boeing victory, the US Navy has selected the Northrop Grumman X-47B for the $635 million prize of the UCAS-D contract. Gee, I bet that guy feels silly now. Pardon me a moment to wipe some egg off my keyboard. That’s better. Anyway, the end result is a […]

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