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#OSH11: Sikorsky talks about life after X2

Sikorsky test pilot Kevin Bredendeck briefed the AirVenture crowd on 25 July on what comes next for the X2 high-speed, coaxial-pusher-combo helicopter.

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#AUSA2010: Kiowa Warrior steals spotlight

After surviving two attempts to field a replacement scouthelicopter, the Bell Helicopter OH-58D Kiowa Warrior is only getting strongeras the US Army considers a wide range of options for its future. The Kiowa Warrior assumed a starring role on the service’sbiggest stage — the annual convention of the Association of the US Army. Army officials […]

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VIDEOS: Sikorsky races X2, then unveils S-97 scout helo

Photo by Stephen Trimble Rolling up to Sikorsky’s flight test center on the edge for the Everglades before dawn this morning, I told the guard I was here for the “X2 media event”. The guard looked confused, and replied: “But that’s tomorrow.” The dude left me hanging in shock and primal dread for several seconds […]

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VIDEO: Sikorsky X2 breaks speed record

Thanks to The Woracle for posting video on YouTube showing the X2′s record-breaking flight. Here’s background: Sikorsky tour of X2 light tactical helicopter mockup at 2009 Quad-A convention Sikorsky video hints at X2 helicopter’s military potential

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Video briefing on Sikorsky X2 armed scout mock-up

Here’s Jim Kagdis, Sikorsky business development manager, explaining the X2 light tactical helicopter’s aerodynamic and technical details in the exhibit hall at the Quad-A convention on 6 May. The X2 aircraft on the exhibit floor is not the real thing. It’s just a mock-up. But Jim’s presentation reveals a lot of new and interesting data […]

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Sikorsky unveils mock-up X2 armed scout

Sikorsky today has unveiled this mock-up for a light tactical helicopter (LTH) based on the X2, a developmental coaxial rotor aircraft capable of 250kts.The unveiling comes at the Army Aviation Association of America convention in Nashville. The X2 LTH is likely Sikorsky’s prime candidate for the Army’s armed scout helicopter contract. The at least 18-month […]

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HELI-EXPO: R-R lifts veil on Eurocopter “X3″ high-speed prototype

The pseudo-race to develop a high-speed helicopter just got a little more interesting. My colleague John Croft, attending the Heli-Expo in Long Beach, cajoled a confirming quote from Rolls-Royce about a secretive new Eurocopter concept called the X3. [Sikorsky already grabbed X2 for its high-speed prototype. Hmm -- Anybody know who got the X1?] The […]

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Sikorsky X2′s potential future as a military helicopter

The future is already here  — at least in video form. I used my cell phone camera to copy  video on display at Sikorsky’s exhibit booth inside the gargantuan AUSA convention hall. Hope you enjoy. 

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Crystal ball-gazing the X2′s military future

—————————-> With theSikorsky X2 prototype achieving first flight yesterday, it’s a good time to discussits military potential. The X2 isdesigned with a coaxial main rotor and an aft pusher propeller in order to breakthe conventional helicopter’s roughly 170-knot/hour speed barrier. And itsfly-by-wire controls and modern avionics are supposed to defeat the highvibration and high workload […]

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