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Free download: World Air Forces directory 2014

As promised, the new issue of Flight International features our annual World Air Forces directory, with the 20-page listings section showing you the active inventories and purchase plans of 160 nations. You won’t be surprised to find out that the US armed forces continues to dominate each of our six equipment categories (US Air Force […]

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200 000 flying hours)

Typhoon hits 200,000 flight hours

The 378 aircraft strong Eurofighter Typhoon fleet recently hit the 200,000 flying hours mark. The Typhoon is in service with the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Austria. The aircraft is also being delivered to Saudi Arabia and has been ordered by Oman.

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Things To Do (Vol. I)

Today, you can: 1. Show the army how to zap enemy aircraft with lasers, ushering in a whole new method for air defense

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