Let’s all join together

Hand holding.jpgIntegration, co-operation, collaboration and any other joining together word you can think of ending in “ation” (alright, maybe not copulation) have been the key words at this year’s Aviation & Environment Summit in Geneva.

If IATA’s goal of achieving carbon neutral growth in the airline industry from 2020 is to stand any chance of becoming a reality, there will need to be huge co-operation between all the stakeholders and governments around the world. And that’s no mean feat.

All eyes will be on the 37th Session of the ICAO Assembly in Montreal later this month and the UNFCCC climate change summit in Cancun in November/December to see if any kind of global framework for reducing emissions from aviation can be agreed upon. Here’s hoping!

That elusive global framework will be under discussion during the conference today so I’ll give you an update of what was said later on…


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