That elusive global framework: too many eggs in one basket?

Eggs.jpgThis morning’s panel discussion at the Aviation & Environment Summit in Geneva focused on the need for a global framework on emissions reductions for aviation, and I can’t help wondering if the industry is putting too many eggs in one basket with the continuing hope that ICAO will manage to cobble together this elusive framework.

We heard from deputy assistant secretary of state for transportation affairs at the US Department of State, John Byerly, that “failure is not an option” and it will be “absolute chaos” if ICAO doesn’t come up with the goods at its assembly in 11 days’ time.

And IATA’s Giovanni Bisignani was his usual fiery self, stressing that in order to avoid a repeat of the ”enormous mess” that was the UNFCCC’s COP15 summit in Copenhagen, ICAO must put together a framework later this month.

ICAO has quite a task on its hands – I’m looking forward to seeing if it can live up to these high expectations, or if we’ll be hearing the same repeated cries for a global framework in the run up to COP17. And 18. And 19…


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