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EU-US stalemate over ETS continues despite ICAO deal

The simmering row between the European Union and the USA over the EU’s plan to include foreign carriers in its emissions trading scheme from 2012 is showing no signs of abating, despite the fact that ICAO has finally succeeded in getting its 190 member states to sign up to a global emissions reduction framework. And it all seems […]

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ICAO did it. Finally. Well, kind of…

You know that elusive global framework on reducing emissions from aviation that we’ve all been hammering on about? Well, ICAO has gone and got its 190 member states to agree to a roadmap for cutting emissions between now and 2050. So, is agreeing to a roadmap the same as agreeing to a framework? Is this […]

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Has Clean Sky cleaned away the red tape?

Europe’s Clean Sky research effort came under fire last year for excessive levels of bureaucracy. So, have things improved? The initiative’s co-ordinating project officer Giuseppe Pagnano told me recently that issues over red tape have been “completely overcome”. This is a bold claim – bolder than the response I got from Erich Steinhardt, senior VP technology […]

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Open rotor: A load of hot air or a greener solution?

During my research for the feature I’ve just written for Flight International on the greener engine technology under development in Europe’s Clean Sky initiative, I was told more than once that the open rotor could be a game changer when it comes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from aviation. With the open rotor’s ability to reduce CO2 emissions by […]

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Deadline looms for ICAO global emissions framework

Tick tock, tick tock. Only four days to go until we find out whether the ICAO 37th Assembly in Montreal resulted in a global framework for reducing emissions from aviation. Conclusions will be presented on 8th October. Here’s IATA’s final plea, in which it points out that if no agreement is reached this time around, […]

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