Has Clean Sky cleaned away the red tape?

Europe’s Clean Sky research effort came under fire last year for excessive levels of bureaucracy. So, have things improved?

The initiative’s co-ordinating project officer Giuseppe Pagnano told me recently that issues over red tape have been “completely overcome”.

This is a bold claim – bolder than the response I got from Erich Steinhardt, senior VP technology at MTU (which is taking part in one of Clean Sky’s engine demonstrator programmes), who said: “There is not much less bureaucracy now than there was before, but we’ve made progress.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but progress is progress.

The aims of the programme are admirable and it would be a real shame if red tape ended up strangling its ambitious targets.

Anyway, bureaucracy issues aside, GKN Aerospace announced this week that it has got involved in Clean Sky, as outlined in this article. 



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