ICAO did it. Finally. Well, kind of…

You know that elusive global framework on reducing emissions from aviation that we’ve all been hammering on about? Well, ICAO has gone and got its 190 member states to agree to a roadmap for cutting emissions between now and 2050.

So, is agreeing to a roadmap the same as agreeing to a framework? Is this the resolution everyone was hoping for?

Well, IATA chief Giovanni Bisignani describes it as “a good first step”, which leads me to believe the resolution falls short of what was hoped for. But at least it’s something.

The thing to watch out for now is whether this ends up being a roadmap to nowhere, or if this global consensus can be turned into a tidal wave of action that leads to aviation being held up as the first industry to commit to and achieve its own set of emissions reduction targets.

Oh and just a personal note of frustration – why announce this late on a Friday when most people have left the office for the weekend, leaving the reporting to be done on a Monday morning?


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