Weird and wonderful ways to reuse scrapped airliners

Instead of chatting to your office colleagues over a boring old desk partition, how about peering at them through an old aircraft window?

This is just one of the innovative ways aircraft dismantling companies have come up with to recycle, reuse and resell scrapped aircraft to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

In addition to office partitions, Phil Donohoe – director of sales and business development at UK-based aircraft dismantling specialist P3 Aviation – tells me he’s sold old flaps and stabilisers to companies wishing to use them as boardroom tables, and engine inlet cowls for use as reception desks.

And don’t forget the Jumbo Hostel in Sweden, which is an old Boeing 747 that has been turned into a hotel.

On a more serious note, though, the majority of materials from the interiors of scrapped aircraft is still going to landfill because recycling solutions have yet to be found.

Boeing’s programme manager of aircraft and composite recycling, Bill Carberry, tells me the US manufacturer has “worked for a couple of years to come up with a recycling technology that works, but we haven’t had much success”.


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