World Wildlife Fund pushes for emphasis on hydrogen jet fuel

Last week I braved the snow and headed to Brussels to attend an aviation and the environment roundtable at the European Parliament, part of the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe’s Aeroweek conference.

The most interesting and engaging comments to emerge from the roundtable came from World Wildlife Fund director for global energy policy Stephan Singer, who used his presentation slot to call for more investment in researching and developing the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel for aviation. Here’s the full story.

The note of optimism in Singer’s speech over the use of hydrogen was somewhat dampened by Safran chief Jean-Paul Herteman, who made the following point: “If you look at the Airbus A380, we know how to make the engines and store hydrogen but there would be no available room left for passengers.”

However, Singer’s main point was that amazing things can happen when they are given emphasis and funding. “People have a tendency to underestimate the technological breakthroughs that can happen in a few years”, was his retort to Herteman.


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