Where there’s muck there’s brass. And jet fuel.

Rubbish dump.jpgAccording to this report in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, Australia’s Qantas Airways is to follow British Airways’ lead and team up with US bioenergy firm Solena to build a facility that turns household waste into jet fuel.

I spoke with BA’s manager of environmental affairs at last year’s Farnborough air show and found out some more details about the Solena/BA project in East London.

It now looks as though Qantas plans to follow suit, with The Guardian reporting that the carrier will later this month unveil plans to build the world’s second plant to produce jet fuel from waste (the BA one being the first).

For more on how optimism appears to be growing over the use of biofuels in aviation, take a look at this more detailed piece I penned during Farnborough.

The list of airlines signing up to alternative fuel trials and investing in biofuel production facilities is growing, and I’m thinking it might be a good time to put together a feature for the next Flight International Environment Special Report.

Any tips, contacts, ideas that you’d like to see included, please drop me a line.




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