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EU’s Clean Sky makes progress with laminar wing flight test

The EU’s Clean Sky initiative made further progress this week with Dassault Aviation performing a test flight to evaluate the potential use of fuel-saving laminar wings on large business jets. The test was performed using a Falcon 7X as part of the “Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft” technology demonstrator under the Clean Sky programme. Dassault is […]

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Mexico’s Interjet to fly biofuel demo flight to Paris in time for air show

Mexican low-cost carrier Interjet is aiming to conduct a biofuel-powered demo flight between Toulouse and Paris to coincide with this year’s Paris air show. I learned this by talking to Interjet CEO Jose Luis Garza after a press conference in Venice earlier this week to announce its order for some Sukhoi Superjet 100s. The flight […]

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Where there’s muck there’s brass. And jet fuel.

According to this report in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, Australia’s Qantas Airways is to follow British Airways’ lead and team up with US bioenergy firm Solena to build a facility that turns household waste into jet fuel. I spoke with BA’s manager of environmental affairs at last year’s Farnborough air show and found out some more details […]

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Algae-derived jet fuel may not cost as much as you might think

Argentina-based microalgae producer Biocombustibles del Chubut (Bc) is claiming that it could eventually sell algae-derived jet fuel for €800 ($1,038) per tonne. To put this into context, according to IATA’s jet fuel monitor, the cost of one metric tonne of kerosene as of 31 December was $837. Here are some pictures illustrating what goes on at Bc’s plant […]

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Unloved and unwanted aircraft find new leases of life

Scrapped airliners are providing both a challenge to those seeking to find ways to avoid dumping aircraft interiors in landfill sites and an opportunity to companies that are coming up with innovative ways of reusing the materials. The cover story of this week’s Flight International takes a detailed look at the solutions being sought to reduce the […]

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Aviation comes out of Cancun climate talks unscathed

The UNFCCC’s COP16 climate change negotiations in Cancun have concluded with barely a mention of the airline industry. COP16 was successful in agreeing to design a ‘Green Climate Fund’, aimed at raising financing to help developing countries deal with the effects of climate change. However, a proposal to raise $3 billion a year for the […]

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Just a little reminder that climate change talks are taking place in Cancun…

You could be forgiven for not noticing, or forgetting, that climate change talks are currently going on at the UNFCCC’s COP16 meeting in Cancun, Mexico. The talks are aimed at reaching a global agreement for curbing greenhouse gas emissions when the Kyoto protocol expires in 2012.  The Cancun negotiations have received much less press attention than the talks […]

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World Wildlife Fund pushes for emphasis on hydrogen jet fuel

Last week I braved the snow and headed to Brussels to attend an aviation and the environment roundtable at the European Parliament, part of the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe’s Aeroweek conference. The most interesting and engaging comments to emerge from the roundtable came from World Wildlife Fund director for global energy policy Stephan […]

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Chile’s Sky becomes latest airline to enter into biofuel pact

They’re coming thick and fast now, these airline/algae biofuel producer pacts. Check out the latest one between Chile’s Sky Airline and Florida-based renewable energy company PetroAlgae. British Airways got in on the act earlier this year when it teamed up with the UK’s Cranfield University on a project to push forward the use of algae […]

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Solena makes progress on waste-derived sustainable jet fuel plant

US bioenergy group Solena has moved a step closer to making its planned sustainable jet fuel plant in east London a reality. The group just signed a letter of intent with synthetic fuels producer Rentech, under which Rentech will provide its Fischer-Tropsch technology to convert gas derived from waste biomass into liquid biofuel for use in […]

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