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BA gets involved with algae biofuel project

Not long after announcing its involvement with US bioenergy firm Solena on a project to build a plant in East London that will turn household waste into biofuel, British Airways has unveiled its participation in an algae-based jet fuel consortium called SURF.  The SURF (Sustainable Use of Renewable Fuels) consortium centres around an initiative at Cranfield University, which aims to […]

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Geneva’s got it sussed on public transport

If you stay at a hotel in Geneva, they give you a card that allows you unlimited use of public transport in the city for the duration of your stay. This includes the train to the airport, which takes only six minutes – much faster and more pleasant than the Euro35 cab fare. How civilised […]

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That elusive global framework: too many eggs in one basket?

This morning’s panel discussion at the Aviation & Environment Summit in Geneva focused on the need for a global framework on emissions reductions for aviation, and I can’t help wondering if the industry is putting too many eggs in one basket with the continuing hope that ICAO will manage to cobble together this elusive framework. We […]

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Let’s all join together

Integration, co-operation, collaboration and any other joining together word you can think of ending in “ation” (alright, maybe not copulation) have been the key words at this year’s Aviation & Environment Summit in Geneva. If IATA’s goal of achieving carbon neutral growth in the airline industry from 2020 is to stand any chance of becoming […]

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Can aviation growth really be carbon neutral by 2020?

IATA set quite a target when it trumpeted its goal for the aviation industry to achieve carbon neutral growth in 2020 and to halve its emissions by 50% over 2005 levels by 2050. Here at the Aviation and the Environment Summit in Geneva, these goals have once again been stressed and we’ve heard a lot […]

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Introducing Flightglobal’s new environment blog

Welcome to Flightglobal’s latest blog, where I’ll be closely monitoring the impact of aviation on the environment and following the steps the industry is taking (and isn’t taking!) to reduce its carbon footprint. From biofuels to biomimicry, from emissions trading to aircraft recycling, and from greener engine designs to futuristic, environmentally-friendly aircraft designs, I’ll be covering […]

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