The Networker now on your mobile

 Your favorite route networks blog, The Networker, is now available in a mobile version. Now you can access all the latest and most important airline route news right on your mobile while on the go !

The Networker                            The Networker

How to get it ?

On a Nokia mobile phone ?

Access the Ovi Store and search for The Networker, or simply enter on your mobile. You can download the app free of charge in a version that suits your phone model the best. Launch the app from the respective folder to access the service.

On an iPhone, Android or any other mobile phone model ?

Simply enter on your favorite browser and access The Networker right on your mobile at your freedom.

Both services are provided free of charge by The Networker, however data charges by your mobile network may apply.

 Enjoy, and let us know what you think !

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