Emirates Cancels Tripoli Flights for Winter, Reduces Cairo, Restricts Christchurch

 With the impending political situation in Libya, Emirates has cancelled its thrice weekly flight to Tripoli for the remainder of the Winter service (till 26th March). The carrier’s Tunis flight, which previously operated via Tripoli will now operate non-stop till further notice. The carrier has not announced a resumption date for the service, however depending on the situation in Tripoli as well as the demand, the service has a chance of resuming before 26th March.

 The airline has also reduced its flights to Cairo from 13 weekly to daily. On flights to the earthquake affected Christchurch, the airline is no longer accepting passengers without confirmed accommodation due to the destruction of accommodation facilities in the city.

Due to the scale of disruptions to buildings, accommodation in Christchurch has either been destroyed or is being utilised to house the injured and displaced.Passengers can therefore only be accepted for travel at this time if they have either residential accommodation confirmed or transportation available to take them outside the city area, e.g.. confirmed car hire or tour operator confirmation.

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