The Canada – UAE fiasco; AC proposed EK JV in 2006

 One of the toughest aviation route rights battles ongoing right now is Canada vs UAE. Airlines from UAE are only allowed a total of six weekly flights to Canada, while the UAE – Dubai in particular – are offering unlimited traffic rights in return. Emirates is now operating Airbus A380 aircraft on its three weekly flights and the UAE and EK ( together with Etihad ) have been pushing for greater access into Canada. The requests have been rejected by Canada stating that the six weekly flights are sufficient for O&D traffic between the UAE and Canada.

 In reality, both Emirates and Etihad earn the majority of their traffic in the form of transit traffic, especially from the Indian sub-continent. While this is true, Canada’s claim ( and the often repeated un-official claim that EK and EY hurt Air Canada’s business ) becomes unfair as Air Canada ( or any other Candian airline ) does not operate into the UAE or any regional sub-continent ports served by the UAE carriers.
 The battle has gone so far so that now it has become a political battle with the UAE revoking access to Cnadian army camps in the UAE and Canada granting traffic rights to UAE rival Qatar. However, did you know that just back in 2006  Air Canada proposed daily flights and made a major pitch for a profit sharing with Emirates, while raising the possibility of giving the U.A.E. what it has failed to get — landing rights in other major Canadian cities
   An interesting read over at CTV  .

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