Turkish Eyes More US Destinations

 Turkish Airlines CEO Temel Kotil, in an interview with a news agency had stated that he plans to launch flights to more US destinations in the next two years.

 He had earmarked Houston, Miami, Boston and Detroit as possible points for expansion. Further in his speech, he has stated that the carrier wants to have at least 25 daily Atlantic crossings to become as relevant a player as Lufhtansa or British Airways or Air France, in the US. The CEO also remarked that Turkish wishes to become a five star airline in 2011, as it is presently a 4.5 star airline.
 There is a considerable Turkish population in Miami, and the airline has been seeing considerable demand for transit traffic from its niche African and Central Asian destinations.
 The airline is scheduled to receive six Airbus A319s, 14 Airbus A321s, two Airbus A330-200s, six Airbus A330-300s, 10 Boeing 737-800s, 10 Boeing 737-900s and five 777-300ERs in the next two years.

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