easyJet Launches New Campaign Against the APD

 easyJet, the UK registered LCC, has launched a new campaign against a proposed rise to the UK Air Passenger Duty. Titled, “Tax Planes, Not People”, the carrier asks the government to change the APD tax to a per-aircraft basis from its present per-passenger basis.

Get your name on the plane

 The carrier has launched a new website, taxplanesnotpeople.com, to raise awareness about the issue. And easyJet makes some interesting points too..

- The tax is charged per-passenger. Hence an airline like easyJet, that operates in an all economy configuration, has to pay more tax than a legacy carrier flying the same airplane with less seats. The carrier also argues that while carrying more passengers in an all economy configuration, it generates less emissions per-passenger than a two-class operator operating the same airplane model.

- The airline argues that charging the same amount despite the type of aircraft used too, is unfair. It argues that an airline flying an older, less environment friendly aircraft will pay just the same as an airline flying a modern fuel-efficient aircraft.

- easyJet argues that the present mileage band calculation of the APD is unfair as well. The present systems calculates the tax based on the distance to the destination country’s capital ( not the destination city ) from London. This makes someone flying to Los Angeles in the USA, pay the same tax as to one who flies to Washington DC, while the former generates far more emissions. While on comparison, someone flying to a city such as Bridgetown in Barbados will pay a higher tax owing to the higher mileage and closer distance to the capital in the small country.

 Overall, it makes for an interesting reading and the airline also offers the viewers the ability to sign a petition and get their names printed on a plane.

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