The Networker Lessons #2 : Equipment

 Welcome to the second chapter of The Networker lessons. I’m sure that you have often heard the word equipment when talking about an airline route. What is an equipment ? Let’s find out.

 The equipment refers to the equipment type – or vehicle – that is used to operate a particular flight. This is not strictly about an aircraft, it could range from a jet aircraft to a helicopter to a road vehicle.
 Equipment codes are used to identify different equipment types used. While there are some standard codes, airlines too are free to use any codes that they wish, to distinguish one aircraft from another. An example for this is Cathay Pacific – Cathay Pacific operates the Airbus A330-300, in multiple seating configurations. Hence, while the standard code for the Airbus A330-300 is 333, Cathay Pacific uses 33B for one of its different seating configurations, in order to distinguish it from the other A330-300s in its fleet.
 Some of the most popular IATA equipment codes are provided below ( IATA codes, with three letters are used in the reservation systems and are the most popular. There are also ICAO codes, which consist of four letters. )

32S – Airbus A320 family aircraft ( A318/A319/A320/A321 )
AB6 – Airbus A300-600
332 – Airbus A330-200
333 – Airbus A330-300
343 – Airbus A340-300
388 – Airbus A380-800
AR1 – Avro RJ100
732 – Boeing 737-200
738 – Boeing 737-800
73H – Boeing 737-800 Winglets
74M – Boeing 747 Combi
748 – Boeing 747-800
76Y – Boeing 767-300 Freighter
77L – Boeing 777-200LR
77W – Boeing 777-300ER
E90 – Embraer 190/195
HS7 – BAE HS748
IL9 – illyushin Il96
M11 – Boeing McDonnel Douglas MD-11
MiH – Mil Mi Helicopter
TU5 – Tupolev Tu-154
EQV – Equipment varies ( on different days )
BUS – Bus

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