US Airways Reveals A350 Configuration

Thanks to my friend Steven Frischling for bringing this to my attention – it seems that US Airways has revealed its Airbus A350 configuration.

Airbus A350

 A350-800 – 36 Envoy Class / 234 Economy Class
 A350-900 – 36 Envoy Class / 294 Economy Class

 The airline has 18 A350-800 aircraft and 4 A350-900 aircraft on order for delivery from 2017 onwards.
The US Airways present A330-200 has 20 Envoy Class seats and 238 Economy Class seats.
 The A350 will have 16 extra Envoy Class seats while the A350-800, with 234 Economy Class seats will have just four Economy Class seats less than the A332. The A350-800′s cabin length is almost identical to the A330-200. The A350-900, which is about two metres longer than the A330-300 in cabin length will seat 6 more Envoy and 31 more Economy passengers over the airline’s present A330-300 configuration ( 30 J / 263 Y ).


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