Hewa Bora’s Crashed Aircraft Seems to be an MD-82

 A Hewa Bora Airlines aircraft crashed when on approach to Kisangani Airport (FKI) in DR Congo, Friday afternoon. The airline stated that the aircraft crashed short of the runway while attempting to land in bad weather. Hewa Bora stated that there were over 100 people on board, but were unable to provide any further details.

 When contacted, an airline spokeswoman for the airline had stated to the BNO News wire that the crashed aircraft was a Boeing 737, however this appears to be incorrect given that the airline’s sole Boeing 737 now remains stored.
 As per the GDS display, the flight seems to be EO 952, a flight from Kinshasa to Goma via Kisangani ( ETA FKI 1450 ). The flight was listed as a McDonnel Douglas MD-82.
 The airline operates four MD-82 aircraft, all of which it added during 2010. The aircraft are 9Q-COJ, 9Q-COW, 9Q-COY and 9Q-COZ. Per available fleet listing data, the four MD-82s seem to be the only aircraft that the airline has operating actively.

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