The 737 in Gigapixels and a hint of RE

 Boeing recently added a new part to its website showcasing a Boeing 737-900ER in gigapixels.


 Boeing claims that the image is the world’s highest resolution image of a 737 aircraft. The 360 interactive view enables users to experience a 737-900ER in real size without going near to an airplane. The image has more than 70 features of the aircraft highlighted, and explained.


 The interactive image could be found here with an article about the gigapixels shoot here.

 Interestingly, in the same interactive feature’s 737 Explained section, Boeing mentions a potential 737-800RE in a seat-mile cost comparison with the 737-800 Winglets aircraft and the future nearest competitor (A320neo). As per the chart provided, the 737-800RE will have a very high operating cost advantage compared to the A320neo, the latter which is also shown as being outperformed by the present 737-800.

 Worth having a look!


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