Boeing 787 is certified. Where will it fly ?

The Boeing 787-8 has just been officially certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Where will it fly ? You might be wondering.

Photo by Flightblogger.

The first ever Boeing 787 to enter in commercial operation, JA801A will be handed over to launch operator All Nippon Airlines on 26th September. The aircraft will be configured with 12 seats in Premium class and 252 seats in Economy class (This particular version has assigned the unique airline identifier 78P). The future long haul international version of the aircraft will feature 46 Business class seats and 112 Economy class seats, while the short haul international version will feature 42 Business class seats and 180 Economy class seats.


The 787 will operate its inaugural scheduled flight on 26th October from Tokyo Narita to Hong Kong. The return flight will be on the following day. The aircraft then moves to its new home at the Tokyo Haneda airport.

This is where it will fly !

From 1st November,  enters in domestic operations.

Tokyo Haneda – Okoyama

NH651 HND OKJ 0730 0850 78P D

NH654 OKJ HND 1015 1130 78P D

Tokyo Haneda – Hiroshima

NH683 HND HIJ 1615 1745 78P D

NH686 HIJ HND 1920 2040 78P D

All Nippon Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner JA801A ZA101

Photo courtesy Flightblogger

From December, the 787 enters international operations with its first scheduled international flight to Beijing from Tokyo Haneda.

From January 2012 onwards, the 787 will begin long haul operations with Frankfurt set to become its first long haul destination.

NH203 HND FRA 0100 0525 787 146

NH204 FRA HND 1115 0645+1 787 146

The Frankfurt route will be going daily from February onwards, and will likely feature the new long haul version which seats 158 passengers – for which the exact airline specific identifier is not yet known.

The Networker will bring you the latest information about the 787′s routes as they are revealed. For a more descriptive look on the technical aspects of the 787, read the Flightblogger’s piece here.

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