BA’s retro 757 to fly one more time

 Back in September 2010, British Airways introduced a retro livery on one of its Boeing 757-200 aircraft to commemorate the retirement of the type from BA’s fleet. The particular aircraft, G-CPET, wearing the so-called ‘Negus scheme’ operated its last scheduled service on 30th October 2010, as flight BA1463 from Edinburgh to London Heathrow. The final flight of the aircraft took place a week later, on 6th November, when it flew for a flight around London Heathrow with BA crew and families on board.

 Ever since then, G-CPET has been in storage at London Heathrow due to be converted into a freighter for FedEx. The Networker learns from reliable sources that while the plan was for G-CPET to be stripped of her retro livery and be ferried for conversion, this has now changed. Instead, she will now be flown in the full retro livery, from London Heathrow to London Gatwick for the removal of the livery and to be sold.
 So, if you missed her last flight last year, or want to see the very last Boeing 757 flight to be operated in British Airways’ colours, here is your chance.
 According to the present plans, G-CPET will take off from London Heathrow as BA9252P at 1540L, and arrive at London Gatwick at 1625L, tomorrow, on 28th.

G-CPET in the retro colour scheme having pushed back for a flight to Glasgow in her final day of service. Photo and flight info by MANfan.
 Barring any unforeseen technical circumstances that will delay the flight, this will be the last time that a Boeing 757 will be flown in British Airways’ colours – so be sure to stay there to catch the action and make sure that you share the photos with us!

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