IndiGo launches first international service

 IndiGo Airlines yesterday launched international operations with its first international flight from India. Flight 6E from Delhi to Dubai carried 162 passengers on board and departed 8 minutes ahead of time, and arrived in Dubai 9 minutes earlier than scheduled.

IndiGo first flight, Dubai

 IndiGo is the fifth airline to operate on the busy Delhi – Dubai route and will offer the ninth frequency overall of all airlines. The present competition on the route is as follows

Emirates – 28 weekly flights
Air India – daily flights, 1636236 seat miles
Kingfisher – daily flights, 1522080 seat miles
Jet Airways – 5 weekly flights, 978480 seat miles

 On 8th September, IndiGo will launch operations on the even busier Delhi – Bangkok route becoming the eighth  carrier on the route.

IndiGo’s international expansion plans and flight schedules could be found here.

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