The Angolan Expedition

 Angola, situated in central Africa has recently seen a significant air travel expansion from many carriers. What makes Angola so lucrative? Join the journey with The Networker to find out.

Angola’s location pin-pointed on a globe. Image credit: Wikipedia

 Angola’s capital, and the main international airport is at Luanda, the nation’s capital. 2011 has seen a lot of growth to this once unpopular African city.

A Roundup
While Angola still remains a developing nation and has a population of which the majority is unlikely to afford air travel – Angola has recently seen a lot of investment from the BRIC nations which is driving a considerable traffic of workers into the country. The investments, mainly driven by China, have made Luanda an attractive destination to many countries – despite the fact that the city was ranked in March as the most expensive city for expatriates to live in.

 The national carrier of Angola is TAAG Angola Airlines, which serves a network of destinations spanning from Havana to Beijing. The airline operates a modern fleet which includes Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 777-200ERs and Boeing 777-300ERs ( while its maintenance procedures have had some much publicized issues, which seem to be solved by now. ).
 Among other leading carriers into Luanda are, Aeroflot, Air France, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Emirates, Ethiopian, Hainan Airlines, Kenya Airways, Luftansa, South African Airways and TAP Portugal.

File:Beach of Coatinha in Benguela, Angola.jpg
Angola is home to many beautiful beaches. Image credit jilrsousa.

New routes
The latest route announcements to Angola are from KLM and Royal Air Maroc. Both carriers will launch two weekly flights each into Luanda, on board Boeing 777-200ER and Boeing 737-800 aircraft respectively. Also starting a route into Luanda is Iberia, which will offer two weekly services on board Airbus A340-300 aircraft. The schedules are given below.

Madrid – Luanda, effective 25th October 2011 ( Winter timetable listed )
IB6321 MAD 0105 – 0835 LAD 343 15
IB6322 LAD 2340 – 0725+1 MAD 343 15

Amsterdam – Luanda, effective 14th November 2011

KL581 AMS 1320 – 2155 LAD 772 1 ( Day 5 operates as KL583 )
KL582 LAD 2355 – 0830+1 AMS 772 1
KL584 LAD 0115 – 0945 AMS 772 6

Royal Air Maroc
Casablanca – Libreville – Luanda, effective 1st December 2011

AT291 CMN 1630 – 2310 LBV 0001+1 – 0145+1 LAD 738 47
AT290 LAD 0240 – 0425 LBV 0520 – 10000 CMN 738 15

 With a new international airport under construction, also from Chinese investments, Angolan aviation scene will remain to be an interesting one to watch out for!

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