Why Schedule Simplicity Is Important

 While the world is moving towards a trend of simplicity – we still see some airlines who prefer to have complex fight schedules. Apart from being easy for the customers and to attract more of frequent passengers on the route, there is a host of benefits that can come by keeping your schedule simple. Have a look at these very simple, yet highly renowned things for example.

  • Light bulb
  • Pencil
  • Frisbee
  • Paper
  • Brick
  • Paper clip
  • iPhone

 Simplicity is not just an advantage, but it is a feature. Obviously, you will often come up with situations where it is necessary to have two different flights that cater for two different hub patterns- this is alright. But if you come up with a situation where you are flying three weekly flights at three different schedules, re-consider it. If you’re doing so because you believe that “we do not have enough aircraft” or “this market has no business traffic” – you are nopt achieving the route’s full potential.

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