A new route for The Networker

From next week onwards, The Networker will be taking a new direction. Rather than route networks only focused news, posted as they happen, this blog will take a more detailed as well as an interesting aim for content tailored towards the industry peers as well as the aviation enthusiasts. Starting next week, three new segments will be joining this blog’s posting schedule..
- Route Changes of Last Week; to be posted on every Monday, this will be a round up of the previous week’s route network news, changes and key updates. Very soon, we plan on offering you an email subscription option so that you can have this key data in your inbox right when your work week begins.
-Network of Future; to be posted on every Wednesday, this would be a thought provoking column written mainly for the airline industry executives and network planners. This feature would be mainly discussing about the latest trends of network planning and on improving network performance.
- Codeshare Update; to be posted on every Friday, this would be a listing of the key codeshare activities which took place during the week.

Apart from the above, any airline network news of significant importance, would be posted as they happen as usual.

Looking forward to bringing you even better content – and expecting your valued cooperation as usual!

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