Varney’s two airlines… United at last

Who is Varney? And what are the two airlines? These questions may probably arise in your mind if you are not from the US.

 Walter Varney was the founder of Varney Air Service (1926) and Varney Speed Lines (1934) – the two airlines that would later turn in to, United Airlines and Continental Airlines respectively. Nearly 80 years later, ironically, both airlines are now under the same owner following the recent merger between United and Continental.
 And it now appears that, the CO IATA code (and ticket code 005) will finally be retired on 3rd March.
 While none of these are confirmed information – and nor should they be treated so – the information is coming to The Networker from some industry sources, and there appears to be many evidence supporting this.
 A majority of Continental flights are already being operated under United’s UA code – and one of the last remaining flights, CO1045/6 Houston – Caracas, has just had its authority renewed.
 If everything goes as reported, and according to the plan – United would be switching the reservation systems on the midnight of 2nd March; and CO will be finally retired.
 Dear CO, may you rest in peace! And perhaps, Varney would be happy, that his two airlines are finally united at the end.

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