Is there life left in the triangle?

Triangular routes were a popular medium for many airlines some time back. It allowed them to serve two airports, most often in two different conutries – but are only a few hundred miles apart – by a single flight.
It was perceived that this will help the airline cut down on the expenses, for you will serve two points with just a little bit of extra fuel. But as the industry evolved, and the fuel price rose, this perception proved wrong.
The double landing charges, handling costs and the other expenditure outdid the saving in terms of fuel cost. And the capacity allocation for the two destinations and hence the yield management turned out to be a nightmare for some airlines.
Now we are seeing most airlines delinking their triangular flights, and instead using terminator flights with smaller capacity for both stations. Surely, this will aid during a high fuel environment. However, you also run with the risk of a higher unit cost, if fuel prices, ever, come down sunstantially.
How long will we see the triangles? Only the fuel price will tell.

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