Fly on a VIP jet to Tbilisi with Armavia

Ever wanted to fly on a VIP jet, but held back due to the cost? How about flying on one at commercial airline fares? That is what seemingly Armavia is planning to offer on its soon to be resumed Yerevan – Tbilisi service.

 The Armenian flag carrier will resume service to the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, from Yerevan, effective 24th September. As per the GDS availability information at the moment, the airline plans to utilize its Yakovlev Yak-42 aircraft on the route – and the aircraft will have 27 seats on board.

And that exactly fits the sepcifications of EK-42470, the VIP configuration Yak-42 in Armavia’s fleet. The aircraft in fact is the only Yak-42 in Armavia’s fleet, making this change no mistake.

The new service is scheduled to operate twice weekly, on Mondays and Fridays, with the following schedule.

U8021 EVN TBS 0800 0845

U8022 TBS EVN 0930 1015


File:Armavia Yakovlev Yak-42 Aladyshkin.jpg

Photo copyright Vsevolod Aladyshkin

It is not yet known whether Armavia has reconfigured its Yak-42. But this appears unlikely as this particular aircraft type usually carries close to 100 passengers. As of the latest available information, the VIP configured Yak-42′s seating arrangement was as follows

  • Rest room of the main passenger: 2 seats
  • Main lounge: 11 seats
  • Cabin for negotiations: 8 seats
  • Cabin for attendants: 6 seats

And the aircraft is outfitted with a complete VIP interior, as seen in the below photos, released officially by Armavia.




 It appears that Armavia is hoping to capture some business traffic on this route – and the passengers would certainly love the amentites for a 45 minute flight. However it remains to be seen, how successful would this attempt be, on a commercial scale.

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