Where is the 787 Flying Right Now?

The Boeing 787 has been all over the news lately, and all for the wrong reasons. While the real depth of the issues are not yet known, the 787 still continues to fly – and safely. Where does it fly? The mapS below tell you. (Click on the images to view in full size)

Worldwide Routes Overview

787image.pngIntercontinental 787 Routes Leaving from the US


Domestic & Regional 787 Routes Leaving from the US



787-Domestic-Regional-US.pngIntercontinental 787 Routes Leaving from Asia



Domestic & Regional 787 Routes Leaving from Asia


Regional & Intercontinental 787 Routes Leaving from Africa



787-Regional-Intercontinental-Africa.pngRegional & Intercontinental 787 Routes Leaving from the Middle East


787-Regional-Intercontinental-Mid East.png

Regional & Intercontinental 787 Routes Leaving from South America


787-Regional-Intercontinental-South-America.pngIntercontinental 787 Routes Leaving from Europe


787-Intercontinental-Ex-Europe.pngRegional 787 Routes Leaving from Europe


The busiest 787 routes, in terms of seat capacity are

  1. Doha – Dubai vv
  2. Doha – Kuwait vv
  3. Tokyo Haneda- Ube vv
  4. Tokyo Haneda – Okayama vv
  5. Tokyo Haneda/ Narita – Singapore vv

The busisest routes in terms of ASKs are

  1. Tokyo Haneda/ Narita - Singapore vv
  2. Addis Ababa – Beijing vv
  3. Tokyo Narita – Boston vv
  4. Tokyo Narita – Los Angeles vv
  5. Delhi – Frankfurt vv

The largest airline alliance with 787 operations right now is the Star Alliance, accounting for 62% of the 787 seats offered – while oneworld follows at 11%. The remainder of the 787 operations are done by non-aligned carriers – while SkyTeam remains the only alliance without a 787 operation at the moment. However it is worth noting that this landscape is set to change significantly, as Qatar Airways – one of the potentially largest 787 operators in future – joins the oneworld alliance, and other aligned airlines such as British Airways and Air France-KLM take delivery of their orders.

The above rankings are for the routes. But who is leading when it comes to the operating carrier? Qatar or ANA? Be ready to be surprised. Watch this space tomorrow, for Where is the 787 Flying Right Now – Part 2. Be sure to check The Networker.

Data for the month of January 2013. This map was generated using the Flightglobal Pro‘s FlightMaps Analytics suite.

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