Elegant ditching of a Cessna 310 (although possibly in embarrassing circumstances)

Courtesy of the fabulously efficient US Coast Guard comes this video of a Cessna 310 being ditched with great panache in the Pacific last week. I suppose everybody’s been watching Sully videos these days, just in case. (Sully, however, had a robust excuse ready for the aircraft owner, whereas we are yet to hear the […]

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If you like Tupolev Tu-134s and folk dancing you’ll love this

There can be few among us who, during the Cold War, did not dream of dancing with our friends in front of a Tupolev Tu-134. You had to be crusty not to. Fortunately, in Andrew Rogers we have a connoisseur of such things (and other more mainstream things) who carefully curates them for the rest […]

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Memorial flypast for First Air Boeing 737 at Yellowknife

A remarkable memorial flypast was organised four days after the loss of the First Air Boeing 737-200 at Resolute Bay. Not wholly surprising in a part of the world that is truly aviation country, but a terrific job all the same. Best seen in full-screen HD with audio.

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Pogosyan gets world’s worst aerospace exec job


No doubt somebody will point out a worse one, but it will have to be pretty grim to challenge the new role that it seems long-standing Sukhoi chief Mikhail Pogosyan has finally got – head of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

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Embraer EMB-145 versus pelican photos

EMB-145 birdstrike 3.jpg

The heroic, but ultimately futile, attempts by the avian community to fight back against powered intruders continue. In this terrible scene a single white bird, cautiously identified by somebody-or-other as a pelican, loses (just) a bill-to-radome skirmish with an Embraer EMB-145 of Expressjet / Continental Express at Salt Lake City. More seriously, birdstrikes remain firmly […]

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High definition movie of Citation landing looks terrific

Courtesy of the always entertaining “Sully” Sulako comes this cockpit video of his colleague flying their Citation into New York Newark through lots of clag and rain. The neat thing about it is that it is in the high-definition format now supported on Youtube. Lots of flightsim stuff around, but this is the real thing. […]

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Easyjet Airbus A319 loses windscreen to lightning strike

Easyjet office.jpg

It’s been quite an evening – in a good way and a not so good way. The good stuff first: so I’m on my regular biweekly commute home from a storm-threatened Madrid to London Gatwick. We are actually lined up on the runway, and I notice that the windsock is lined up in exactly the […]

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That BA Boeing 747 at Jo’burg – the report’s out

BA 747-400.jpg

Some of you may remember an incident in May last year in which a British Airways Boeing 747-400 suffered an uncommanded slat-retraction on rotation at Johannesburg. I suggested that the aviating skills displayed by the crew were worthy of note.Well, now the detailed South African CAA incident report is available and it confirms that it […]

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Bits falling off Boeing 787, could happen to anybody

Everyday tale of life in flight-test. I wonder who was first to notice? IDENTIFICATION Regis#: UNK Make/Model: B-78 Description: B 787 DREAMLINER Date: 05/07/2010 Time: 2245 Event Type: Incident Highest Injury: None Mid Air: N Missing: N Damage: MinorLOCATION City: SEATTLE State: WA Country: USDESCRIPTION AIRCRAFT LOST TAIL SENSOR CONE UPON LANDING, BOEING FIELD, SEATTLE, […]

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No, nothing wrong, but I’m declaring an emergency, everyone outtamyway…

American jpg

Opinions in the pilot community will doubtless be divided over the conduct of this American Airlines Boeing 767 captain who doesn’t like the runway he’s been given and doesn’t care who knows it. To the point of unilaterally switching runways at JFK, declaring an emergency, and carrying on his own sweet way. Opinions in the […]

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